Trip to Poland: Gdynia & Gdansk

I know.. I know.. before you say it, by reading the title, you may want to suggest that I should’ve posted this article from a long time ago. Yep, I did this trip in late 2013, in winter hols of 2013, when I was a student, to be exact. You may wonder, it’s almost 3 years that I just be able to write a post about it? Well, I don’t know, I just couldn’t find the specific time to write, even after I finished my Erasmus and my study in Turkey. Honestly, writing this article is actually an accidental. Recently today, I’m looking for a specific photo, but, accidentally opened other full of memory abroad photos, when I was skinny innocent guy. Look at me now. So 180! :D. Nevertheless, I just realized that there are still so many photos I haven’t posted in Instagram yet, while haven’t wrote an article about that yet either. If I still remember it correctly, I’ve made a promise to one of my friends to share them at net. So sorry I haven’t fulfilled it. :D. So, I just got the idea of writing this article. I’m also planning that in next couple of weeks, I’ll try to write about them. About life in Sweden, or Europe, or even Turkey. God, I missed those places so much!

Back to the Poland Trip…

Here’s the story begins…

Me and my friends went to Poland in the middle of November 2013, where we got a cheap promotion cruise liner ticket with Stena Line, which only costs us 120 SEK for round tickets. Usually, it was more than that. Could be 5-10 times more expensive. I’ve heard from Polish guys who took the same courses as mine said to me that the ticket could cost almost 2000 SEK in regular time. I guess we were lucky then. :D. I’m with other 4 friends (3 Indonesians (Aftri, Ilman, Nina) & 1 Chinese (Flora)).

The trip itself took 1 day and 2 nights (in the cruise) that we spent 8 hours at the ocean. But spending a long time in a cruise was not so bad. At least in the first day of the trip where the weather was very nice that you couldn’t feel the wavy movement of the ship. We got a room for 2 passengers. It could fit for 4 persons if you would. There was a clean bathroom in the room. If you bored, you can just wander around in ferry. There many things to do here. You could go to the sauna (like what my friends did) or playing free games in the xbox 360 booth or even test your luck with slot games using real money. Therefore, 120 SEK was somehow very affordable and really worth it.
So, if you find yourself a chance to go to Poland with a Stena Line, don’t worry. There are numerous things that can keep you off from boredom.

In Poland, we just went to city of Gdynia and Gdansk only. We didn’t make it to Warsaw. It’s only a full day trip, so we have to choose our destination place carefully. Warsaw is very far. We didn’t think we could make it there in a single day of trip.

However, I still be able remember every specific details when I was there. It’s a nice city with full of nice spots to take photographs.

We started the day in money changer. :D, looking for a transportation, got lost, asked natives, got lost again, until we met police and travel info center.

There was also this one funny story when we take a train to the city center. In the city of Gdynia, You have to validate the ticket before hoped in the train. Since we, foreigners, didn’t know, we didn’t do it. Fortunately, there was no ticket check at the train that time. So, we were lucky bastards back there. If only we got caught, we had to pay 10 times of the ticket price.

In the city of Gdansk, we just went to the museums, cathedrals, and some gift shops. There were so many historical places here. It was still a winter, so the day is short, we had to max out every seconds there.

One thing I also noticed is how this city recovers from the destruction of world war is so progressive.

It was only 4 pm but really dark outside. Not only because it’s raining. In winter, again, the day is shorter then it gets dark quickly. While my friends went to the shopping mall, I took night shot photos of the city.

The trip back to Sweden is what I remember the most. It’s a complete madness. There was a storm. The wind is so strong. I feel nausea. Found myself unable to sleep and felt so tired. However, overall, it was a really nice trip.


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